What is snehana therapy ayurveda?

1)Snehana procedure/Abhynga/Massage:Snehan in ayurveda is herbal oil or medicated ghee applied over body.Snehan karma in ayurveda is also known as purva karma.Snehana treatment in ayurveda is done before every panchkarma treatment.Snehan therapy ayurveda(Oleation Therapy) having two types

-Abhyantar snehana

-Bahya snehana/Snehana wellness therapy


Snehana Benefits-It improves blood circulation, strength, muscle tone, Anti ageing, reduces stress, pain relief.

How to take steam bath?

2)Swedana Karma/Steam bath :In swedana treatment, steam is given all over body or body part mostly after application of oil. Mode of Action of swedana is increases body temperature helps in detoxification with the help of herbs used in swedana.

Swedana benefits-Improves muscle strength, reduces pain, stiffness, for weight loss

  • Swedana types-Steam bath procedure(Bashpa sweda )is given as

Peti Sweda- Ayurvedic herbal steam bath is given in steam box (ayuvedic steam bath chamber) also known as fonation treatment.

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Nadi SwedaIn nadi swedana(local steam), steam is given with the help of pipe(ayurvedic steam bath equipment).

What is patra pottali  swedanam?

  • Patra Pottli Sweda/ElakizhiPatra potali sweda is done  with patra pottali herbs and other Ayurvedic medicine.Patra pind sweda ingredients are fried in pan for potali massage.potali treatment ayurveda is helpful in reducing pain, other patra pinda benefits are same as above.

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What is pind sweda in ayurveda?

  • Pind Sweda /Navarakizhi Pind sweda ayurvedic massage is done  with medicated cooked rice(shatik shali) , milk and pinda sweda herbs thats why pind sweda massage is known as shashtika pind sweda.Benefits of pind sweda is same as given above.

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What is choorna panda sweda?

Churna Pind Sweda/Podhi khiziChoorna pind swedanam is swedana given with herbal churna also known choorna potali sweda.

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  • Sthanik Dhara Lukewarm herbal oil/takra/kanji/kwath poured over body parts

What is pizhichil ayurveda?

  • Sarwanga Dhara Treatment(Ayurvedic Pizhichil Procedure)Pizhichil treatment is a holistic ayurvedic massage in which lukewarm pizhichil oil continuously poured all over body.Pizhichil process is like oil bath.Generaly done in paralyze patient, other pizhichil benefits are same as above.

What is awgaha in ayurveda?

  • AwagahaIt is tub bath with lukewarm kwath/medicated milk/herbal oil.

How shirodhara ayurvedic treatment is given?

3)Shirodhara Treatment:In shirodhara procedure warm shirodhara oil/butter milk/milk/kwath continuously poured over forehead with the help of shirodhara equipments.Shirodhara treatment procedure is also done by shirodhara machine.

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Shirodhara treatment benefitsRelives stress, Colitis, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Hypertension, Hair problems, Memory loss.

What is Uttarbasti in ayurveda?

4)UttarBasti Treatment: Uttarbasti procedure is a basti treatment given though urethral meatus in bladder.

Uttarbasti BenefitsUttarbasti treatment for Urethral Stricture, Cervical polyp, Cervical erosion, Vaginitis, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroid, Tubal Blockage, Uttarbasti for Infretility.

What is Udgharshana?

5)Udgharshana:Herbal churna powder with oil is applied all over body.

Udgharshan benefits-Helps in weight loss,body odour,freshlessness.

What is shirovasti?

6)Shirobasti procedure:Shirobasti ayurvedic medicine treatment,in which oil is hold on patients head with the help of shirovasti  cap for specific period also known as shirovasti is an ayurvedic therapy.

Shirovasti BenefitsHemiplegia, Paraplegia, Internal head injurie.

What is katibasti ayurveda?

7)Katibasti Procedure: In ayurveda treatment kati basti, dam is made with the help of dough over lumber region in which lukewarm oil is poured for specific period.

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Kati Basti BenefitsBack pain, Lumber pain, Katibati for Sciatica.

What is manya basti in ayurveda?

8)Manyabasti/Greeva basti:In greeva vasti,dam is made with the help of dough over neck region in which lukewarm oil is poured for specific period.

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Greeva basti BenefitsNeck pain, Shoulderpain, Ayurvedic treatment relive Cervical spondylitis.

What is janubasti massage?

9)Janubasti Treatment:In ayurvedic janu basti, dam is made with the help of dough over knee region in which lukewarm janubasti oil is poured for specific period.Janubasti in ayurveda also done with janu basti yantra.


Knee joint pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis.

What is netra Tarpana?

10)Netra Basti/Netra Tarpana:In tarpan eye treatment dam is made with the help of dough around Eye in which lukewarm ghee is poured for specific period. Tarpana procedure improves your eyesight.

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Myopia, Relaxation of eye, it improves eyesight.

What is putpaka in ayurveda?

11)Putpaka: Dam is made with the help of dough around eye in which plant extract  is poured for specific period.

Eye diseases.

What is bidalaka in ayurveda?

12)Bidalaka: Herbal lepa is applied over eyelids for medicinal purpose.

What is vrankarma in ayurveda?

13)Vrankarma: Ayurvedic dressing with the help of herbal medicine.

Ulcers, Dibetic foot, Chronic Injuries.

What is dhupana(dhumpana) in ayurveda?

14)Dhumpana: Ayurvedic dhumpan is a ayurvedic smoking treatment with herbal medicine.

Cough, Mouth odour, Hair Diseases, Otitis, Itching, Ear pain, Hiccups, coryza, excess sleep.

What is Pichu in ayurveda?

15)Pichu:  It is a herbal oil soaked cotton kept over body parts for medicinal purpose.

What is upanaha in ayurveda?

16)Upnaha: It is poultice made with herbal medicine used for treatment of inflammation and for improving blood circulation.

What is lepa in ayurveda?

17)Lepa: Ayurvedic lepa is a herbal paste applied over body parts for medicinal purpose. Like ayurvedic dashanglepa for hydrocele, ayurvedic mukhlepan treatment.

What is talama in ayurveda?

18)Talam: It is a herbal paste apply on Head for medicinal purpose.

What is Udvartana in ayurveda?

19)Udvartna(Udvartanam):Ayurvedic powder massage(udvartana)is process in which dry herbal powder massage is given.