Autumn (Sharad Rutu) is season just after rainy season. land is covered with new herbs. Autumn is a season comes in August to October of English month.

Temperature rise in this season increases pitta dosha. It is related to problems such as acidity, loss of appetite, boil, oral apthous, fever. ayurvedic panchkarma like virechana and raktmokshana are helpful.

Ayurveda also given lifestyle, diet, medication change according to seasons.

Diet should contain barely, wheat, rice.

Vegetable like gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, cabbage.

Fruits like apple, gooseberry(amla), pomegranate.

Spices like turmeric, coriander seeds.

Ghee, milk.

Non vegetarian can consume dish containing rabbit, Quail(bater), pell(titir).

Diet items containing oily and fried food items.

Pani puri,

bhel, soda,

aerated drink,

alcohol, curd,

fermented food items like dosa, dokhla,bread.

fish, sea food, pork must be avoided during sharad rutu.

Avoid Sleeping during day time after lunch.

Eastern wind  is not advisable.


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