Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of the skin causing thick dry skin.

As per modern science,

There are 2 types of psoriasis on the basis of onset
A) type 1-early onset before age of 45 years
B) type 2-late onset after age of 45 years
are 5 different types of psoriasis
A) Chronic plaque psoriasis is common type found in most of patients.
B) Guttate psoriasis patients shows small round lesion
C) Postular psoriasis shows small monomorphic pustules.
D)Erythrodemic psoriasis shows erthmatic postules.
E)Nail psoriasis is also commonly found.
Ayurveda mentioned skin diseases under kushta.

It is treated as per  cause of dosha,dusha samurchhana.
1.Incompatible food items with each other (Viruddha aahar).

Like dish containing fish eating with dish made from milk etc.
2.Opposed routine (Viruddha vihar).

Example- Taking shower just after coming from scorching sun.
3.from parents ((genetic factor)
4.Not following before and after procedures of pancharma.
5.Violation of food intake rules .
6.suppression of natural urges
Thick white silvery scales, itching,burning,dry skin patches may bleed, redness, stress
Panchkarma treatment may include intake medicated ghee,snehana(massage),swedana(medicated steam),vaman (vomiting),virechana(purging), raktmokshana (blood letting), takradhara.

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