What is panchkarma treatment in ayurveda?

Panchkarma therapy is 5 types of body detoxification procedures. Vamana,virechana,basti,nasayam,raktmokshana are treatment of panchkarma.

How is panchkarma done?

Procedures of panchkarma at our ayurvedic centres are explained below in short also panchkarma benefits are explained.

 What is Vamana Therapy Ayurveda?

Vamana treatment:Vamana karma procedure is a medicated vomiting procedure for excess“Kaph Dosha”.After vaman panchkarma “vamana treatment diet” is given for few days.

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Vamana treatment benefits-Asthma, Allergies, Dandruff, Psoriasis, Chronic-cough, Rhinitis, Nasal-congestion, DNS, Obesity, Skin disorders, Edema, Herpes.

What is virechana treatment?

 Virechana Karma ProcedureVirechan is medicated purgation therapy for excess “Pitta Dosha”.after virechana purgation therapy “virechana treatment diet” is given for few days.

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Virechan treatment benefits-Joint disorders, Skin disease, Headache, Fever, Gynaecological disorders, Digestive disorders, Virechana  for weight loss.

What is effect of basti(the enema therapy)?

Basti Therapy Ayurveda:Basti chikitsa is the medicated enema therapy with the help of herbal oil(basti oil) or medicated ghee or decoction(kwath) for “Vat Dosha”.Their are different types of basti in ayurveda classified different way. During treatment basti diet adviced to the patient.

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Basti treatment benefits-Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Knee joint pain ,Back pain ,Shoulder pain, Spondylitis, Colitis, I.B.S,Obesity, Piles, Sexual disability, Infertility, Parkinsonism, Huntingtons Chorea, Loss of memory,Basti treatment for weight loss, basti treatment for PCOS.

What is nasal treatment in ayurveda?

Nasya Karma Treatment in Ayurveda(Nasyam): It is Treatment with Herbal oil(Nasya Oil) or Medicated Ghee or Churna or swarsa(extract of plants) given through nasal route.

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Nasya Treatment benefits-Nasya Karma hair loss, Neck pain, Eye disease, Headache, Nasya treatment For Sinusitis.

What is raktmokshana in ayurveda?

Raktamokshana Ayurveda Treatment:  Raktmokshan panchkarma is procedure of bloodletting.Mode of action of raktmokshna is it removes excess of “Rakt dosha”. Different types of raktmokshana are

  • Sirawedha-Bloodletting through veins
  • Prachhana-Bloodletting through small incision
  • Jalukacharana-It is leech therapy

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Benefits of RaktmokshanaUrticaria,Itching,Fever,Rashes