Obesity is major problem now a days.It causes serious health problems like
1.It reduces life span.
2. increases weakness.
3.It causes excess sweating,thrust,hunger.
4.Accelerate aging process.

fat treatment
obesity treatment

01)excess food eating habits,

02)oily food,

03)fatty food like creamy,sweet,milk products,

04)Deep fried food,

06)lack of exercise,

07)lack of sexual activity,

08)sleeping during day time,

Weight loss Treatment

your proper diet and exercise can help you.

Use more barley(yava)with wheat, red millet(nachni),finger millet,ragi,pearl millet(bajra)horse gram(hulge/kulath) in diet.

Always drink hot water.

regular walking ,running,yoga will help you.

Ayurveda has many drugs help you reduce weight healthy way.

Basti panchkarma is also helpful in reducing weight.

This is basic for weight loss for detail advice consult
Junankar Ayurved Chikitsalaya

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