Regardless of your age, you are concerning your hair. the looks and amount of hair shows your internal health. natural hair loss remedies save lots of your hair.

According to ayurveda vat and kaph are responsible for hair loss.

cause for vata

Excess travelling ,

excess work ,

continues talking increases vata dosha.

cause for kapha

Excess sleeping,

Eating more sweet increases kaph dosha.

Vata with kaph dosha can cause hair loss

The appearance and amount of hair may be a reflection of your internal health.

Your hair loss is suffering from scalp




D)Excess DHT.


Dandruff may be a supply of hair loss once it combines with


B)Shampoo chemicals,

C)Excess secretion vesicle oil.

b)Cause for danadruff

A)Excess stress,

B)Dry scalp,

C)Imbalance of dosha,

D)Chemical irritations.

Stress may be a major contributors to several sicknesses.

It also can expertise loss of hair.Hair loss can be increase within 3 month.

You’ll recover this hair if you are taking action quickly.

What you eat feeds your body.

According to ayurveda kesha is byproduct of asti dhatu .

Your hair is last in line for the nutrient you provide your body.

Use Edible gum,curry leaves in diet.

DHT (di-hydro-testosterone)
When excessive amounts of androgen area unit reborn to DHT.

This decrease in blood to the hair root.

weakens it and it loses its health.

For women, DHT formation isn’t a serious activity till biological time.  Once steroid hormone decreases once biological time, DHT starts to create hair loss in ladies.

There area unit currently shampoos to wash off  DHT from the scalp.

There are some pills that block the formation of DHT within the blood.

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