Autumn (Sharad Rutu) is season just after rainy season. land is covered with new herbs. Autumn is a season comes in August to October of English month. Temperature rise in this season increases pitta dosha. It is related to problems such as acidity, loss of appetite, boil, oral apthous, fever. ayurvedic ..Continue Reading

Steps of Suryanamaskara and benefits

Suynamaskara is done early in morning.It is done Facing the east.Steps and benifits are given below. Steps of Suryanamaskara 1) Urdhwanamaskra 2) Hastapadasna 3) Dakshinpadprasaranasana 4) Dwipadprasaranasana 5) Bhunjanwasan 6) Shastangpranipatasana 7) Bhunjangasana 8) Bhudharasana 9) Bhujanwasana 10) Dakshinpadsankochasana 11) Hastapadasna 12) Namaskarasana Benefits of suryanamaskara: 1) It increases strength ..Continue Reading