Steps of Suryanamaskara and benefits

Suynamaskara is done early in morning.It is done Facing the east.Steps and benifits are given below. Steps of Suryanamaskara 1) Urdhwanamaskra 2) Hastapadasna 3) Dakshinpadprasaranasana 4) Dwipadprasaranasana 5) Bhunjanwasan 6) Shastangpranipatasana 7) Bhunjangasana 8) Bhudharasana 9) Bhujanwasana 10) Dakshinpadsankochasana 11) Hastapadasna 12) Namaskarasana Benefits of suryanamaskara: 1) It increases strength ..Continue Reading


OBESITY Obesity is major problem now a days.It causes serious health problems like 1.It reduces life span. 2. increases weakness. 3.It causes excess sweating,thrust,hunger. 4.Accelerate aging process. Causes– 01)excess food eating habits, 02)oily food, 03)fatty food like creamy,sweet,milk products, 04)Deep fried food, 06)lack of exercise, 07)lack of sexual activity, 08)sleeping ..Continue Reading