Sharad Rutu and ayurveda

Sharad Rutu is season comes mostly in August and October of english month. It is season in which pitta dosha is increases causing pitta dosha related problems such as acidity, loss of appetite,boil,oral apthus  for which ayurvedic panchkarma like virechana and raktmokshana are helpful.ayurveda also given lifestyle change according to ..Continue Reading

Acidity and ayurvedic panchakarma treatment

  Now a days significant increase in the number of patients with the complaints of gastritis approaching towards Ayurveda. I came across many patient for ayurvedic acidity treatment,Due to very effective Ayurvedic medicines .commnly known as acidity. Symptoms–  gaseous distention of abdomen, hiccups,tiredness, burning of the chest,regurgitation of food or ..Continue Reading

Spondylosis and Ayrvedic Treatment

Cervical spondylosis is condition due to degeneration of bones, discs – cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck.Neck pain, stiffness, headache, numbness is commonly seen. This is one of the diseases wherein Ayurvedic treatment has very good results. Slipped disc It is more prone in males ..Continue Reading

Natural treatment of insomnia

Insomnia disorder cure. Well… Before we go for a cure it might be a smart thought to attempt and know our fault. What are our signs and symptoms. What kind of Sleep deprivation do we have. Maybe a working definition would be useful.   The specialists appear to concur that ..Continue Reading

Acne treatment with ayurvedic medicine

Almost everybody has experienced skin break out at some time in his or her lives. It is essentially a confusion of the sebaceous organ (organs in the skin that discharge a slick substance) of the face, the neck and back. At the point when the sebaceous organs get to be ..Continue Reading

flatulance problem with ayurvedic treatment

Intestinal gas, tooting, flatulating is a characteristic part of the stomach related process. This unscented gas, in spite of the fact that on occasion humiliating, is the consequence of good assimilation. Consistently our body produces one to three pints of gas that is at last passed. Intestinal gas is comprised ..Continue Reading

How to Deal with Dry Skin in Winter

Your skin in winter will become terribly dry – even to the purpose of being painful. I actually began feeling the results of the cooler weather in early October.  My lips became tender and rough , and that I had to modify to a unique formula of daily facial preparation ..Continue Reading

12 Steps of Suryanamaskara and benefits

12 Steps of Suryanamaskara: 1) Urdhwanamaskra 2) Hastapadasna 3) Dakshinpadprasaranasana 4) Dwipadprasaranasana 5) Bhunjanwasan 6) Shastangpranipatasana 7) Bhunjangasana 8) Bhudharasana 9) Bhujanwasana 10) Dakshinpadsankochasana 11) Hastapadasna 12) Namaskarasana Benefits of suryanamaskara: 1) It increases strength of body. 2) It helps relax our mind. 3) It improves flexibility. 4) It helps ..Continue Reading


OBESITY Obesity is major problem now a days.It causes serious health problems like 1.It reduces life span. 2.It causes weakness. 3.It causes excess sweating,thrust,hunger. 4.It causes faster aging process. Causes-excess eating habits,oily,fatty,creamy,sweet,milk products,deep fried food,lack of exercise,lack of sexual activity,sleeping during day time,congenitally Weight loss Treatment- your proper diet and ..Continue Reading