Acne is common problem. It is essentially a confusion of the sebaceous organ of the face. The neck and back. There are a few types of skin inflammation.beside most well-known is skin inflammation acne vulgaris.

According to ayurveda vata dosha, kapha dosha, rakta and meda cause for pimples.

The correct reason for skin break out is not known in modern medicine, because of that calculates add to this

01)condition incorporate heredity, slick skin and androgens.

02)incorporate hypersensitivities,


04)the utilization of specific medications,

05)healthful lacks,

06)presentation to modern poisons,

07)beauty care products

08)the month to month menstrual cycle,

09) liver.

Suggestions for Health

Tips – 3-4 weeks for outcomes.

Apply lentil flour with sandal wood powder,turmeric powder,mango bark powder.

Avoid salty food like pickle,papad etc.

Lemon or any citrus organic product works incredible as a characteristic peel, evacuating dead skin cells that may stop up the pours. Apply the juice of a lemon to the face. Permit it to dry for around 10 minutes, then wash with cool water.

Grape can be utilized to support the resistant on microorganisms.

spicy food should be avoided because it increases pitta dosha.

red clover can keep the liver clear on over-burden.

Home grown mixes, for example, Natures Daylight’s Ayurvedic Skin Detox can likewise be utilized to wash down.

Ayurvedic medicine with panchkarma and leech therapy is most importantly very useful in acne therapy.

To clear and recuperate the skin, attempt a ayurvedic Skin break out cure. It can become scarce pimples and forestall future flare-ups.


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