Now a days significant increase in the number of patients with the complaints of gastritis approaching towards Ayurveda. I came across many patient for ayurvedic acidity treatment,Due to very effective Ayurvedic medicines .commnly known as acidity.

gaseous distention of abdomen, hiccups,tiredness, burning of the chest,regurgitation of food or sour substance, headache,improper digestion, irregular appetite, tastelessness , pricking sensation in the chest,  etc.
Sometimes pricking in the shoulder or back, numbness,backache,fatigue
Irregular bowel habits, hunger, severe burning sensation, mouth ulcer,Constipation etc

Spicy food-Indian non vegetarian diet  increases pitta dosha, fried, hot soups,
Sour with some exception,soft drink, alcohol, finger, chips
excess intake of coffee and tea,smoking, tobacco,NSAIDS,excess of food, repeated food intake
Psycological factor-stress,jealousy, anger etc.
Incompatible food-food substances which should not be consume at same time.

gastric ulcer, esophageal regurgitation, headache, backache etc.

Ayurvedic treatment-
With regular ayurvedic medicine and diet restrictions it can be cured.
Vaman-Sometimes medicated emesis is carried out.
Virechana-It is purgation therapy
Basti – is also used as treatment.

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