Acidity and ayurvedic panchakarma treatment

  Now a days significant increase in the number of patients with the complaints of gastritis. They approaching towards Ayurveda. I came across many patient for ayurvedic acidity treatment.  Ayurvedic medicines are very effective. .commnly known as acidity. Symptoms–  01)Gaseous distention of abdomen 02)Hiccups 03)Tiredness 04)Burning of the chest 05)Regurgitation ..Continue Reading

Spondylosis and Ayrvedic Treatment

Cervical spondylosis is condition due to degeneration of bones. Discs – cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck. Neck pain, Stiffness, Headache, Numbness is commonly seen. This is one of the diseases where in Ayurvedic treatment has very good results. Slipped disc It is more prone ..Continue Reading